About Branding Studio

Branding Studio is a client-focused SaaS (Software as a service) Organization set up in 2015. Our primary focus is on Web Design, Development and providing the best support for our clients. We, at Branding Studio, developed 1200 effective websites for clients across 3 Countries. Uniqueness is the key to all our design. We have the vision to introduce at least 1 unique feature to every website that we are designing. We believe that invention can happen in any field, including website development. Hence we are driven by the urge to invent design protocols that are of value to our client community.

We do not limit ourselves to that. We handle Platform-independent Web Apps, Android and iOS projects along with Web Design Projects. We keep expanding our horizons into SEM Campaigns and Content writing based on our client requirements. Learning and Innovation made us who we are.

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We enable the power of the latest technologies. All our basic sites are designed using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to provide the latest functionality and security.

Responsive Design

Search Engine’s latest Algorithm is all about responsive designs. All our Websites are Responsive and Cross Browser compatible, enabling standard look across all platforms

Customized Plans

We have multiple customized plans to suit the requirements of our client. Apricot, Orange and Pumpkin- choose what suits you!

AD & Analytics Account

We Create Ad & Analytics account for performance analysis for the designed sites. This is absolutely free of charge.

Fast Delivery

Would you like to have a glimpse of how fast and efficient we are? Here it is- It would take less than 48 hours for us to design and deliver websites and 6 hours for the landing page.

Well Optimized

All our websites undergo multiple optimizations to load faster and perform excellently in terms of SEO Rankings.

Recent Projects

Here are our Recent projects

Web Developemt
Web Design
Web Application
Web Hosting
Web Optimization

Vision & Mission - Branding Studio


Our vision is what we believe and what we implement. They are as follows:-
  • To provide the most cost-effective solutions with uncompromised quality to all our clients
  • To be a well-acclaimed Studio in Branding Industry


Our mission is to create an impressive web presence and user-centric design for you and your business.

Apricot Primary

Apricot plan for Portfolio sites enabling the patron to have their web presence.

  • 5 Page Website
  • Fully Optimized Responsive
  • 1 Email directly under domain
  • 1 SEM account for Client Handling
  • Google Analytics Account
  • Designed with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Charge-free Editing FUP - 2

Pumpkin Professional

Pumpkin plan for Businesses that require web presence and marketing needs.

  • No page limitations
  • Fully Optimized Responsive
  • 10 Email directly under domain
  • 1 SEM account for Client Handling
  • Google Analytics Account
  • Designed with Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla
  • Charge-free Editing FUP - 3

Orange Premium

Orange plan for Enterprises that require complete Branding support round the year.

  • No page / Email limitations
  • Fully Optimized Responsive
  • Secured Hosting(HTTPS)
  • Dedicated Support for SEM / Analytics
  • Static Pages with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Dynamic Pages Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla
  • Charge-free Editing FUP - 12

Current Project

Blaze OSm (otherwise called as Blaze Awesome) is a Linux based Open source Operating System that gives the freedom of mobility. The Operating System is preloaded with almost all the basic utilities and comparatively less resource consuming than most of the modern Operating Systems. We have developed Blaze with the student community in mind. We are into providing most of the computing functionality with the Open Source Developers’ Community.

In Blaze OSm, ‘m’ means mobile. The mobility feature allows you to carry it in a USB Flash drive. You can utilize any Desktops and Laptops that has an option of ‘boot from USB’. Even a Laptop/Desktop with a corrupted or failed hard disk can benefit from Blaze OSm. Blaze can run on an older hardware consuming less computational resources making it worthy option to utilize the shelved Computers.

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Blaze OS by Branding Studio

Showcase - Show me a Cause

Wallfafer App by Branding Studio


Wallfafer App with No ads or in-app purchases

Refresh Desktop by Branding Studio

Refresh Desktop

Refresh Desktop without making a hole in your pocket

Blaze Crisp Sans

Blaze Sans

Open Type Clear Sans Serif Font

Portfolio Image

Blaze Retro

Open Type Retro Style Font

Portfolio Image

Blaze Write

Open Type Sharp Serif Font